Before They Were Stars: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Troll”

Later today, our latest “Shouts from the Back Row” podcast is going to be posted where we talk about the worst movies of all time, and the infamously bad Troll 2 is going to be prominently featured. As a lead-in, I find it only appropriate that I post a clip from the original Troll, which is a pretty terrible movie in its own right – though, in its defense, it does at least feature actual trolls! The film also happens to feature a young Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which she made during her transition period between Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld. Her real-life husband and SNL co-star, Brad Hall, is also in this scene, which… well, it’s been so long since I’ve seen the film that I couldn’t tell you what the hell’s going on here! Another interesting note about Troll is that the lead character is a kid named Harry Potter, so I’ve always wondered if J.K. Rowling is a closet fan of this movie.

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