Drive Angry Looks Like Two Other Nicolas Cage Movies Mashed Together

Here’s the new trailer for the upcoming Nicolas Cage vehicle Drive Angry 3D, the story of…well, Nicolas Cage, who is killed and sent to hell. After his daughter is kidnapped by a bloodthirsty cult, he breaks back out of hell to save her, with Satan’s right-hand man (William Fichtner) hot on his trail. Car chases and explosions ensue.

So let’s just get this out of the way right away: Drive Angry 3D totally looks like Gone in 60 Seconds combined with Ghost Rider. Fast cars, Nic Cage as a daredevil driver being pursued by Lucifer’s goons, a bad wig, explosions…go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

Drive Angry 3D is directed by Patrick Lussier, director of The Prophecy 3, Dracula 2000, White Noise 2 and My Bloody Valentine 3D. With that filmography, who wouldn’t want to see this movie? Please note sarcasm.

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