This Bootleg Trailer For Scream 4 Should Be Seen Before It Gets Pulled! (Rated PG)

The Spike TV Scream Awards aired not too long ago, and among the cool moments of the evening was this exclusive sneak peek at the trailer for Scream 4, which may or may not be titled Scre4m. While the movie basically looks like more of the same stuff that made the original Scream trilogy great (except for the third one, which was sub-par, but not terrible), I’m a big fan of Scream, and seeing Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette together again, being chased around by the Ghostface killer, brings a big old smile to my face. It’s a real shame Jamie Kennedy isn’t going to make a cameo (how often does anybody say that?), because his character was the best thing about the first two movies. But then, maybe I’m just saying that because I too am a film nerd.

Anyway, take a gander at this before it disappears!

Rated PG for some violent imagery in the trailer for an R-rated film.

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