Before They Were Stars: Kermit the Frog Does an IBM Sales Film

Despite being the most famous Muppet of all time, Kermit the Frog was once a struggling actor just like everybody else and had to take some less-than-ideal roles early in his career before he made it big. One of his earliest jobs involved appearing in this IBM sales film, but Kermit found the experience so discouraging that he retired back to the swamp where he would spend his days sitting on a log playing “The Rainbow Connection” on his banjo. One day, a Hollywood agent came rowing by in a boat and let him know that Hollywood was holding open auditions for frogs, so Kermit decided embark on a road trip to get there. After picking up several new Muppet friends along the way and evading the evil clutches of frog legs restauranteur, Doc Hopper, Kermit finally it to the offices of Hollywood executive Lew Lord, where he earned himself a studio contract within a matter of seconds and The Muppet Movie was born. Nowadays, Kermit is so rich he could probably buy IBM.

(Okay, for the real story behind this clip, click here. It’s quite a fascinating read.)

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