Look out, Lord of the Rings fans! Heads up, World of Warcraft addicts! Your favourite fantasy nasties are coming back to the big screen, but this time they’re taking the spotlight away from the evil wizards. Here’s a…tagline/summary from the film’s distributor’s official website:

They are savage, bestial and barbaric. They are mythical, medieval, and warmongering. They are monstrous, sadistic creatures devoid of human emotion…They are ORCS! Hordes of rampaging orcs! And they’re here to kill us all! The fate of the world is left up to two park rangers. Can they defend us?

ORCS! is a film directed by Andrew Black, and…uh…starring some people I’ve never heard of, to be released….umm…sometime in the future. There’s really very little information on this movie, but this trailer looks pretty darn funny.

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