Remixing the Eccentric: Tommy Wiseau

On a recent episode of Shouts From the Back Row, Robin, TK and I discussed the worst movies ever made. One of those movies, the atrocious The Room, was written and directed by a truly eccentric individual named Tommy Wiseau, who also starred in his own disasterpiece. Wiseau is a bit of an enigma because, although he has gained quite a bit of fame for directing such a terrible movie, not all that much is known about him. What little we know is vague at best. Here’s a quote from Wiseau’s Wikipedia page:

Wiseau grew up in New Orleans, and lived in France “a long time ago”. He moved back and forth between the United States and Europe throughout his life, and at some point moved to San Francisco, where he was employed at a hospital. He prefers to be referred to as an American. Wiseau studies psychology as a “hobby”.

Wow, they really couldn’t have been more “vague” if they had “tried”. I’ve always theorized that between his strange mannerisms, unusual accent, and frankly quite bizarre appearence, Wiseau is some kind of French cyborg!

The Room has become pretty famous in recent years, and with that kind of fame comes a remix. Here’s one by MiCrowJupiter!

Loads more The Room remixes under the cut!

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