Before They Were Stars: Dana Carvey in “Halloween II”–JlJN08

Yes, this really happened. In one of the coolest coincidences of all time, the man who found his greatest fame acting alongside Mike Myers made his film debut in a movie about Michael Myers. However, this is the ultimate “blink or you’ll miss it” appearance. Fast-forward to 2:10 of this clip and you’ll see him as the guy wearing the blue vest and hat talking to the reporter. He remains onscreen for a grand total of 10 seconds and you only see the side of his face. He has no lines of dialogue and his entire role consists of nodding. Apparently, Carvey did originally have a few lines, but they were left on the cutting room floor. He’s listed in the end credits as “Assistant” and, honest to God, I can’t tell you how many times I watched Halloween II without ever being able to find him. Thank God for the invention of the Internet to answer useless questions like this for me!

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