The Funniest Sex-Ed Film Ever!

There few things in this world that are more hilarious than a horribly outdated sexual education film. And it’s even funnier discovering said film on Youtube many years after you actually sat through it in school! This is a selection of hilarious clips from a sex-ed film called Am I Normal?: A Film About Male Puberty. The film was made in 1979, but it was screened for my 7th grade sex-ed class, which would have been in about 1990 or so. Yeah, my school was a bit behind the times. This involves an adolescent boy named Jimmy, who becomes very curious about the weird feeling he gets between his legs after a girl flirts with him. The film wants to send across the message that it’s perfectly okay to openly ask questions about sex, but it also gives the impression that it’s okay to approach complete strangers and ask them how the penis works, which is probably not the safest idea in the world. There’s even a scene where Jimmy approaches a zookeeper to ask him about sex, and he responds with the funniest line in the history of educational films: “Let’s face it, in this job, I see a lot of penises!”. And the film ends with Jimmy giving his friends a speech about how erections, wet dreams and masturbation are normal, which causes a bunch of random strangers to break out into spontanenous applause! Man, if you tried to show this film in school today, you’d probably get arrested.

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