5 Fun Ways to Make Your Friends Lose the Game


What? You don’t know about the game? It’s simple. There are only three rules.

1. You are playing the game. Whether you like it or not, you and everyone else around you are always, always playing the game. Even if you don’t know about the game, you’re playing the game. You just don’t know it.

2. You cannot win the game. You can only lose the game. You lose the game when you remember that you are playing the game. Some people rule that you can’t lose the game again until you have once again forgotten that you’re playing the game, but this rule is optional.

3. When you lose the game, you must declare it loudly. Standard methods of declaring a lose include yelling “I lose!” or “I just lost the game!”

Now that you’re aware of your participation in the game, you’ll find that lots of people in your life are also playing the game. The next time you lose in the presence of a group of friends, be sure to declare it. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the number of other people in the immediate vicinity who shout that they lost as well.

You’ll also find that there’s a special kind of malicious delight to be had in making other people lose the game, particularly when you cause them to lose in creative ways. What follows is a list of the five best ways to make people lose the game.

5. Full House Clip

This one’s pretty bad because not only does it make you lose the game, but it’s a clip from Full House. Ugh! It’s like a special kind of hell.

4. Tongue Twister


Vince Nitro got me with this one and I’ll never forgive him for it.

3. Lost: The Game


I absolutely love this one. It’s so perfect. Just look at it and bask in its glory. I recommend sending this picture to everyone you know.

2. Schoolhouse Rock – “Interjections”

This Schoolhouse Rock song is one of the best ways to make people lose the game because it’s a total slow burn. Right at the two minute mark, someone very clearly says “DARN! YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!” Send this to your friends and tell them they have to watch it all the way through.

1. Power of Association


One funny thing about the human mind is its ability to retain associations between thoughts and memories. You can use this to your advantage by making your friends associate everyday things with the game. As your friend is tying their shoes, tell them that from now on, whenever they tie their shoes, they’ll think of the game. Do it a few times and it will stick. A lot of my friends have successfully made eachother associate winning with losing the game.

Now get out there and make some people lose!

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