Before They Were Stars: Hulk Hogan as Terry Boulder

To undo all the traumatic damage that may have been caused, I’ve decided that The Back Row should probably feature a clip of Hulk Hogan today that doesn’t involve him flashing his junk to the camera. So I shall harken back to a time before Hulkamania was running wild as the Hulkster will be the subject of today’s version of “Before They Were Stars”. Here is some rare early footage of him from Memphis Championship Wrestling in 1979, where Hogan and future WWF superstar Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake both wrestled together as a pair of “brothers” named Terry and Ed Boulder. The highlight of this clip has to be seeing the future Brutus Beefcake standing in the background, as he is completely unrecognizable and looks like the ultimate seventies porn star!

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