Lego Factory Made Of Lego That Makes Things Out Of Lego

Martijn Bosgraaf used the Lego Mindstorms programmable robotics sets to create a machine made of Lego that contains a warehouse 1520 different Lego bricks. You can enter in an object that you want made out of Lego (colour is customizeable), and the machine will make it for you. I’ve gotta say – I’ve seen some amazingly cool Lego creations in my time, but this one takes the cake. Here are some stats:

Total construction time: 4.5 months (June 2010 until October 2010)
~ 150 hours of Lego building + ~ 100 hours of programming (5 NXT’s + LDD model processing software)

Total amount of bricks: Estimated to be around 25.000
Warehouse: 95 different bricks with a total of 1520 bricks in stock

Maximum model size: 16 x 22 x 11 (width x length x height in bricks)

Controlled by 5 NXT’s, with a combined programming (NXC) line-count of nearly 50.000 lines of code.
Models designed in Lego Digital Designer (LDD)

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