Remixing the Eccentric: The Red Shirt Guy

You have no idea how eagerly I have been awaiting a decent auto-tune remix of the Blizzcon 2010 Red Shirt Guy. Since the video above surfaced, only a couple of remixes have appeared, and both are mediocre at best. But now we have a proper one, and all is well in the world! I wrote a short piece on Red Shirt Guy before, but just to reiterate:

This guy stepped up to the mic at a Blizzon 2010 World of Warcraft lore Q&A and called the panelists on a big continuity error wherein one of the characters from “The Shattering” disappeared between the novel and the beta version of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Red Shirt Guy wanted to know what happened, and in asking revealed that the people at Blizzard had apparently forgotten about the character entirely. Bam! Red Shirt Guy has since gone on to be a total nerd hero, and with good reason: not only did have the guts to call the Blizzard guys on their mistake, but he also posted a response video to all the attention the original video got wherein he speaks really calmly and frankly about why he sounded so awkward when he was asking the question. Because of this, many sites (this one included), have declared Red Shirt Guy king of the nerds. Blizzard made up for their mistake by not only bringing back the character he mentioned (Falstad Wildhammer), but by giving Red Shirt Guy his own NPC – the Wildhammer Fact Checker. And now we can all rejoice as we listen to this remix. Huzzah!

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