The Blubberella Trailer Is About As Offensive As You’d Imagine

I am loathe to post anything related to Uwe Boll, but I feel like I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t put this ridiculous trailer on display. Seems like old Uwe had some leftover budget money from his Auschwitz movie, and he decided that the best way to spend it would be to remake Bloodrayne, except set during World War 2, and make the protagonist absurdly fat. Oh yeah, and Uwe himself plays Hitler. Guuuhhh. I feel like I’ve lost IQ points just typing that.

Oh, and just in case this trailer offended you beyond all belief, there’s an online petition that you can sign if you want Uwe Boll to stop making movies. He claims that if it reaches a million signatures, he’ll quit the biz. Click here to sign it.

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