Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 13

Whoopi Goldberg is my celebrity for today, and that is for two reasons: first of all, I think she’s hilarious. I love her currently on “The View”, I love her during interviews, and I love when she is rude to the TMZ cameras. The second reason is that I am a big fan of the Sister Act movies. While not the best movies ever made, they entertain me every time I watch them. It was great to hear the shock overcome the audience when she won the Oscar for her performance in Ghost, and at last year’s Oscars, it was great to see her among the actresses announcing the nominees for that year’s award. She stepped forward to begin her blurb about Amy Adams, who was up for her performance in Doubt, in which she played a nun. Whoopi looks at the camera very surly and loudly states: “It’s not easy being a nun.” Hilarious!

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