Before They Were Stars: Paul Rudd as a Bat Mitzvah DJ

I know I’ve already showcased Paul Rudd’s early role in a Super Nintendo commercial, but I’ve got some even more obscure footage of him that’s just too good to pass up. What’s great is that this isn’t some early Paul Rudd acting job in a professional production; this is someone’s personal home video footage that has just been leaked out onto the Internet! While trying to break into the entertainment business, Paul worked as a freelance DJ for bar and bat mitzvahs. This particular bat mitzvah took place in 1992 and was held for Gabrielle Birkner, who now works as a web editor for a Jewish newspaper called “The Forward”, and she has decided to let the world see Paul Rudd at his dorkiest. Quite frankly, I think Paul might have preferred it if an old sex tape he made got leaked out rather than footage of him in a yellow tuxedo and shorts playing air guitar to “Hound Dog”.

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