For Those Who Crave More Tom Lando


I’m not an authority on music. I tried to be – I went on a quest to listen to ALL THE METAL. Well, ALL THE METAL released in 2010. I made it all the way to about October or so before finally giving up. There wasn’t all that much that blew me away anyways, but the real point is that I don’t really need to be an authority on music, not even metal, because it wouldn’t do that much for me. I’d rather be an authority on movies, because I care more about movies than music.

Anyways, for those who DO want to know what kind of music Tom Lando likes: I have a Grooveshark profile. Grooveshark is awesome! You should check it out!

So if you want more Tom Lando in your life, you can get a profile on Grooveshark, look me up under tlando, and then “follow” me. I’ve actually been listening to full discogs of artists and then saving playlists of everything I like – sort of like a “greatest hits” collection for each artist, only from my perspective. So far I’ve done Clutch, Tub Ring, Fair To Midland, and Cradle Of Filth. This very moment, I’m creating the HORSE The Band playlist!

Another good way to hook up to my Grooveshark is to add me as a friend on facebook, then connect your Grooveshark to facebook… there’s some way to do that. I did it. Anyways, then it will tell you who amongst your friends is on Grooveshark, and then you can find me real quick like and “follow” me that way.

I might write some articles going into more detail on my process with these playlists, and why I made certain choices. Until then, get the straight dope from my grooveshark profile itself!

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