Kickboxing Academy: The Movie Where Brother and Sister Play Romantic Leads!
Consider this a mini-version of “Before They Were Stars” for Chyler Leigh of Not Another Teen Movie and Gray’s Anatomy fame, who shows that she was willing to pay her dues in a MAJOR way before finding success! I know a lot of people like to go “EWWWWW” when they watch the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Leia kisses Luke since they’re eventually revealed to be brother and sister. Well, imagine watching a scene just like that where you know the ACTORS are brother and sister! Believe it or not, such a scene actually did occur in an awful 1997 film called Kickboxing Academy, where Chyler Leigh and her-real life brother Christopher Khayman Lee were cast opposite one another as romantic leads. And at the 10:53 mark of this clip, you will see the very end of this movie where brother and sister actually french kiss each other! Now… I don’t know if there were some really perverted people behind the making of thisĀ  movie, but with so many struggling young actors out there, you’d think they wouldn’t have had too much trouble casting two people who weren’t, you know, RELATED! Thankfully, the movie was so bad that no one ever praised them for having great romantic chemistry together.

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