Before They Were Stars: Kane Wrestles as “The Christmas Creature”

Since I featured The Undertaker on “Before They Were Stars” this week, it’s only appropriate that I also showcase his kayfabe “brother”, Kane. Glenn Jacobs has enjoyed a very successful thirteen-year run playing the Kane character in WWE and even got to star in his own horror movie, See No Evil, but he had to pay his dues by going through a LOT of shitty gimmicks before he finally found a character that clicked. Before he was Kane, Jacobs had to play such dumb characters as Doomsday, Unabomb, Bruiser Mastino, Dr. Isaac Yankem and the Fake Diesel. However, nothing could compare to the stupidity of his very brief run in Memphis in 1992 when he wrestled as The Christmas Creature. I mean, good God, the poor guy basically resembled a walking Christmas tree with candy cane boots and sleeves! Anyone who can bounce back from this deserves all the success they achieve!

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