Wendy’s “Grill Skill”: The Hippest Employee Training Video Ever, Dawg!

If you’ve ever been employed at any point in your life, chances are that you’ve had to sit through at least one really horrible employee training video. This effort from Wendy’s titled “Grill Skill” starts off with a brief introduction from Dave Thomas and seems like it’s going to be your typically boring and dry training video, but things take a really trippy turn at around the 3:30 mark. I’m picturing Dave Thomas and a bunch of middle-aged men sitting around a corporate board room, having a conversation like this: “You know what the kids find really hip today? Rap music! If we put some rap songs into our training video, all the kids will think we’re really ‘with it’. They’ll know Wendy’s is run by really hip dudes. We’re pretty radical, dawg!”. And then this conversation is followed up by everybody passing some shrooms around!

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