The Urkel Dance

Well, since today is Jaleel White’s birthday, I think there’s only one appropriate way to celebrate: Do it… do it… everybody… do the Urkel dance!

Interesting trivia note about this scene: this is one of the very first episodes featuring the dim-witted character, Waldo Geraldo Faldo, whom you may remember as being good friends with Eddie and Steve Urkel later on in the series. Yet, in this scene, Waldo and his bully friend are spiking Urkel’s punch, which eventually causes him to get so drunk that he almost plunges off the roof to his death. Waldo and his buddy are even arrested for this at the end of the episode, and I don’t believe there ever was a logical explanation provided for why Urkel wound up becoming friends with the guy who almost got him killed! But, hey, this is Family Matters we’re talking about, the same show where the youngest daughter, Judy, just vanished without explanation, so I don’t think continuity was ever a huge priority!

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