Chuck Norris Is Now An Actual Texas Ranger

The L.A. Times is reporting that both Chuck, his brother Aaron Norris (a stunt coordinator) and the executive producer of Walker, Texas Ranger are both recieving honorary memberships into the famous Texas Rangers! Here’s a blurb:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is scheduled to present the actor and executive director of “Walker, Texas Ranger” with a designation as an honorary member of the famed law enforcement group Thursday. Ceremonies to honor the 70-year-old martial arts star and entertainment action hero, who is known for doing good and going after bad guys and gals in the long-running TV series, will take place at a Texas Rangers office in suburban Dallas.

Frankly, I”m kinda surprised that Chuck wasn’t already a Texas Ranger. I mean, the guy makes rubber cement by punching the fuck out of normal cement. One would think the Rangers would’ve gotten him on their team sooner!

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