Where the hell is Matt?

So do any of you guys remember a video game called Destroy All Humans? Matt Harding was a game developer at Pandemic Studios, the people who created the game, and he hated the shoot-em-up genre. After working on the concept for Destroy All Humans, Matt had finally had enough. He quit his job, saying that he “didn’t want to spend two years of my life writing a game about killing everyone”, and went travelling. It was during this time that Matt made his first video (seen above). He then followed it up with a second:

I absolutely love these videos. I mean, how can you not? Matt has become quite the celebrity, and he was even hired by Visa to be in their “Travel Happy” ad campaign! But that’s not where Matt’s story ends! Look under the cut for more.

At a convention called the Entertainment Gathering, Matt sarcastically confessed that his videos were an elaborate hoax. It was all tongue in cheek, he claimed to be an actor, and it’s quite obvious to any intelligent person that he’s joking around. Apparently some people took his confession to be real, though, so he had to state that they were real just to clear everything up.

Matt continues to make videos and travel around the world. Here are two more, just for the heck of it. I wonder where Matt is right now…

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