Rock’em Sock’em Robots: The Movie

Okay, not really. What we have here is the trailer for the upcoming Shawn Levy robot boxing movie Real Steel. It’s essentially Rocky with Hugh Jackman in the Burgess Meredith role and a giant robot in the Sylvester Stallone role. Will a robot be able to act better than Sly? Personally, I’ve always suspected that Stallone was a robot anyway. Real Steel looks alright. It looks as though it was competently made, at least, and the special effects are cool. I will inevitably see it because I’m a sucker for fighting CGI robots, but I’m not expecting the world of it. It did, however, lead to a pretty perfect exchange between Caitlyn and I as we watched the trailer.

Caitlyn: What is this?

Gill: It’s a trailer for Real Steel, the Hugh Jackman boxing robots movie.

Caitlyn: Why the hell is Hugh Jackman in it?

Hugh Jackman: Let’s make some MONEY!!!

Caitlyn: Oh.

Real Steel comes out in October of 2011.

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