5 Movie Characters Famous For Their Hair

Travis Bickle

Not too long ago, I posted a list of 5 movie characters who are famous for their hats. After completing the list, I realized that there wasn’t a single woman on it! I couldn’t think of a single lady from the big screen who had a trademark chapeau, and this vexed me. So I’ve decided to give the ladies a much better shot with this list of 5 movie characters famous for their hair! That isn’t to say that the guys won’t be represented on this list, though…

5. Wolverine, the X-Men series
The big sideburns and the shaggy mane are as much a part of Wolverine’s persona as his claws. The rugged, animalistic look suits his character perfectly, and his hairdo only accentuates the savage awesomeness that is Logan.

4. Ace Ventura, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Alrighty then! Ace’s whipped cream swirl ‘do just makes him look even more insane, which is appropriate, I guess. Apparently Ace’s look was based on that of Detective Larry Zito from Miami Vice, with the Hawaiian shirts and extravagantly parted hair.


3. Marge Simpson, The Simpsons
Ah, that big blue beehive. One of Matt Groening’s guidelines in designing each of the Simpsons family members was that they should be recognizeable in silhouette, and Marge’s tube-like hairstyle does just that. Apparently it shares some properties with the TARDIS, in that it’s much bigger on the inside than the outside.

2. Bride of Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein

Another beehive, and this one’s a real classic. Those lightning bolt-like white stripes stretching up from her temples are nothing short of iconic.

1. Princess Leia, the Star Wars series

It’s only fitting that the top spot be given to those trademark cinnamon buns. I honestly can’t think of another characters’ hairstyle that is more recognizeable than Princess Leia’s, and it’s such a part of pop culture that it’s been parodied countless times, including this gag from Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs.

According to Wikipedia, “Carrie Fisher, in an appearance on the UK TV show Bring Back Star Wars, said she hated her character’s hairstyle; she felt it made her face look rounder, and it took two hours every day to style.”

BONUS: Conan O’Brien

I know, I know, he’s neither fictional nor a film actor, but Coco’s hair is so popular it has its own fanbase! It’s the logo for his show! I couldn’t possibly make a list of famous hairdos and not include Conan’s big, red pompadour.

Honourable Mentions:
The cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Queen Amidala, the Star Wars series
Sweeney Todd, Sweeney Todd
Dracula, various depictions
(Bela Legosi’s widow’s peak in Dracula, or Gary Oldman’s two-lumped hairdo in Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
Doc Brown, the Back to the Future trilogy
Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Jareth the goblin king, Labyrinth
Spock, Star Trek
G.I. Jane, G.I. Jane
Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction
Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction
Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver
Anne, Anne of Green Gables
The Beatles, Hard Day’s Night

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