Before They Were Stars: Jay Leno Teams with Pat Morita in “Collision Course”

While writing my “Robin’s Underrated Gems” column about Running Scared last week, I was looking through a list of cop-buddy movies from the eighties and I came across a title that made me cry out: “How in the hell have I not heard of this before?!”. Back when cop-buddy movies were at the height of their popularity, somebody got the bright idea of taking Jay Leno, who was still a relatively unknown stand-up comic at the time, and teaming him up with Pat Morita as a wacky odd couple for a movie called Collision Course. Thus far, this is the only starring role of Jay Leno’s career and if our God is a merciful one, it will forever stay that way! Anyway, even if I wasn’t doing a “Before They Were Stars” segment for this, I probably still would have posted this hilarious clip from Collision Course on The Back Row at some point. While I could fault Pat Morita for deciding to save Jay Leno from being run over, he does do it in the most awesome way possible: by running directly towards the speeding car, leaping into the air and delivering a karate kick to the bad guy’s face right through the windshield! How come we never got a scene of Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel LaRusso how to do this?!

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