News Broadcast Accidentally Airs Photo of Hamster as Mug Shot

We’ve already made mention of the infamous recent incident where CNN accidentally aired footage of the diarrhea scene from Dumb & Dumber during a news broadcast, but it seems this type of thing happens more often than you think. Sadly, this particular screw-up occurred during the broadcast of a very sad and tragic news story. I discovered this clip while searching for information about an Unsolved Mysteries segment I watched about the tragic disappearance and murder of a teenage girl named Molly Bish. This news program was doing a segment on the tenth anniversary of her death and they cut away to what was supposed to be a mug shot of the main suspect in her murder. Unfortunately, instead of the mug shot, they wound up displaying a photograph of a hamster holding a movie clapper! As with the Dumb & Dumber incident, I must ask the obvious question: why did they even have this wrong photograph queued up to begin with?!

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