Before They Were Stars: Shannon Elizabeth Gets Violated by a Killer Snowman in “Jack Frost”

Warning: The preceding clip is not graphic or explicit, but it is also not for the easily offended. It is also not for those who are easily offended by bad filmmaking and lousy special effects.  Due to a surprising plethora of Christmas movies that are even weirder than it, the 1997 horror-comedy, Jack Frost, just missed garnering the spotlight on “Robin’s Weird Christmas Movies” this week, but it does deserve a special mention. The storyline for this film involves a serial killer that just happens to be named Jack Frost being melted by acid, which causes his spirit to merge with the snow and form an evil killer snowman that goes on a murderous rampage. Ironically, a PG-rated family film also named Jack Frost would be released only a year later that starred Michael Keaton as another man named Jack Frost who is killed in a car accident, only to come back to life as a much nicer snowman. I think the lesson here is that if your name is Jack Frost, you REALLY need to change it before you die because God’s got a really ironic sense of humour! Anyway, before she found fame in such films as American Pie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Shannon Elizabeth made her film debut in the R-rated version of Jack Frost and… well, I’m sure she no longer has this scene involving the snowman and his carrot on her demo reel.

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