Fringe is Doomed!

I haven’t watched Fringe in quite some time (once “The Observer” showed up, my interest in the show faltered severely), but I’ve heard it’s gotten pretty good as it’s matured. Unfortunately, it looks like the show might not have long left to shine before it gets canned, as even Fox is acknowledging that Fringe‘s new Friday night timeslot is notorious for being the place where dying shows go to expire. The most surprising thing about this, though, is that Fox is actually including quotes from critics damning their decision in the ads for Fringe‘s new timeslot! They’re basically admitting that they’re killing the show! Are there any Fringe fans among our readers who have an opinion on this? I think I might have to start watching it again just to keep it from falling victim to the same bad decision making that led to Firefly‘s cancellation!

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