The First Trailer For Kevin Smith’s Red State Has Failed To Impress Me

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith’s work. Sure, he’s had a stinker or two in the form of Jersey Girl and Cop Out, but I can easily overlook those movies in favour of his best works like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma. Now Smith is trying his hand at a different kind of film – a sort of horror/thriller called Red State, which he’s been talking about for a few years now. So here’s the first trailer for it, and….I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty underwhelmed. I mean, I’m all for John Goodman and Kevin Pollack acting in a Kevin Smith film, and I’m all for Smith trying something new, but this trailer has completely failed to hook me. I’m still going to see the movie, if only out of curiosity, but when I lay down my ten bucks at the theatre, none of it will be the result of this trailer. What do you guys think? Am I way off here?

Red State comes out sometime in 2011.

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