A Trifecta of Uncharted Stuff

Uncharted is popping up everywhere these days! With Uncharted 3 in the works, we’re starting to get trailers (above) and clips of gameplay (below), and man, it looks pretty cool. I might just have to seek out a console so I can play the first two Uncharted games, because I’ve heard nothing but great things.

But it’s not all wine and roses for the Uncharted franchise, unfortunately, as David O. Russell’s upcoming movie adaptation of the game series has been cast, and none other than Mark “POW!” Wahlberg has been given the role of Nathan Drake…in a move that nobody anticipated or even wanted. I mean, seriously, are there any gamers out there who heard Marky Mark was cast and thought it was a good idea? Frankly, after Max Payne, I think Mark Wahlberg should stay the heck away from video game movies. I’d bet good money that he was cast just because he’s one of the few actors who actually gets along with David O. Russell. But that still doesn’t excuse Russell’s ignorance of the fact that Nathan Fillion – hero to nerds everywhere – was campaigning for the part (and he woulda been PERFECT). In the clip below, a courageous gamer confronts Russell about his decision to cast Wahlberg instead of Fillion. Russell’s response is…less than satisfactory.

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