Gary Busey Acts Like a Douchebag Towards an 11-Year Old Girl

A few days ago, Gill posted a re-creation someone made about their bizarre encounter with Gary Busey at an autograph signing. Well, personally, I can never get enough of “crazy Gary Busey” stories, so here’s one of his most infamous incidents from the United Nation Children’s Foundation Oscar after-party in 2008 where an 11-year old girl tries to interview Busey for her website and lives to regret it. He gets really agitated right away because he can’t hear the girl and then gets pissed off when she asks him a question about his thoughts on celebrities who get arrested. At the end, when she asks him to give a shout-out to her website, he makes it very clear that Gary Busey doesn’t give shout-outs! What’s ironic about this whole thing is that Busey’s rant here about how spoiled celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are idiots and should be better role models actually makes a lot of sense, and one thing I’ve always loved about the guy is that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and say what he really thinks. That said, Gary doesn’t exactly practice what he preaches and if he genuinely believes that he’s a good role model, he’s even more batshit crazy than he looks.

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