Lost Season 6 DVD Offers Exclusive Epilogue to the Series

I’m a huge Lost fan, and I watched every episode from season one to season six. When the grand finale aired last year, I was one of the diehard Losties who were extremely unsatisfied and disappointed with the ending of the show (pragmatically called “The End”). Thankfully, the producers of Lost offer an exciting and fulfilling conclusion with their 12 minute epilogue on their season six DVD  entitled “The New Man in Charge”. I’ve included a clip from the episode below–unfortunately, the epilogue is exclusive to the season six DVD, so I wasn’t able to find a link for the full episode, but it’s totally worth buying the DVD for. Regular Losties will recognize familiar characters and the episode is a charming coda to the Lost canon. It answers so many questions I had and does a great job of explaining many of the series’ previously unexplained mysteries. The questions surrounding the polar bear, the Hurley bird, and Walt’s story, among other things, are all answered. While a few minor questions are raised in true Lost fashion, this is the ending that many of the show’s fans, including myself, have been waiting for. Lost fans who were displeased with the finale can rest easy with this wonderful epilogue, and those who were pleased with the finale can view the epilogue as an invaluable bonus to arguably the greatest television series of all time.

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