Bad Science In Sci-Fi Movies


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The folks over at io9 put together this awesome science fiction movie report card that details all the bad science at work in many, many classic films involving space. I love how Star Wars dominates the list, but I’m kinda disappointed that its primary competitor Star Trek is nowhere to be found. I bet Trek could give Wars a run for its money. I’m also going to have to call foul on the listing for the Alien movies. In Aliens, it is clearly stated that they picked LV426 because it could sustain life, and they sent in a team of terraformers before the colonists to create an atmosphere. At no point is it stated that the planet has a single planet-wide climate. Likewise, the planet in Aliens and also the planet in Alien 3 were probably picked because they had earth-like gravity. C’mon, people! Doesn’t anyone pay attention?

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