Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 3

Following yesterday’s celebrity birthday for Cuba Gooding Jr., today we have another actor who has gone way downhill. I can’t think of any other celebrity in memory that has effed up as much in as short amount of time as Mel Gibson has. Now, having said that, let me now say that I love him. I love everything he has ever done. I don’t judge him for what he has done in his personal life, though I understand why most people do. I still love him. I enjoyed his most recent movie, Edge of Darkness, just as much as I enjoyed watching Mel in his old classics, like Lethal Weapon, Payback, Braveheart, What Women Want, Ransom, Conspiracy Theory, the Mad Max trilogy, Maverick, and Forever Young. I am looking forward to seeing him in the upcoming Jodie Foster-directed film, The Beaver.

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