Before They Were Stars: Rowan Atkinson Performs at “The Secret Policeman’s Ball” in 1979

Amazingly, Rowan Atkinson turns 56 years old today and I must say, it doesn’t look like he’s aged at all since 1979! During the 1970s, a tradition started in the U.K. called The Secret Policeman’s Ball where top British comedians would come together to perform a benefit show to raise money for Amnesty International, and these shows are still being performed today. Anyway, the 1979 version had a great roll call of talent that included John Cleese, Peter Cook, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Billy Connolly and a fairly unknown young comedian named Rowan Atkinson. Here is a rare chance to see Mr. Bean and the Monty Python crew sharing the stage together for an hilarious sketch entitled “End of the World”.

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