Before They Were Stars: Joey Lauren Adams Gushes Over Matt LeBlanc on “Top of the Heap”

A few months ago, I did a “Before They Were Stars” feature on Matt LeBlanc which focused on his early starring role in the failed, short-lived Married with Children spin-off, Top of the Heap. Well, if you thought his stereotypical Italian numbskull character, Vinnie Verducci, was comedic gold, then it’s your lucky day! I’ve got more footage! I’m actually posting this in tribute to Joey Lauren Adams on her birthday, as her first acting role ever was playing Vinnie’s ditzy neighbour, Mona, who had a stalker-like crush on him. The show had a lot of jokes about how Mona was only 15 and “jail bait”, which is pretty amusing since Matt LeBlanc and Joey Lauren Adams were both 23 at the time this was made.

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