Before They Were Stars: Greg Kinnear Hosts “College Mad House”

Before he became a very successful actor, Greg Kinnear spent many years working steadily as a television host on such shows as Talk Soup, Best of the Worst and Later with Greg Kinnear. However, I don’t think his first hosting gig gave off the impression that this guy was destined for big things. You may have memories of a children’s game show from the late eighties called Fun House, where kids would answer questions, perform messy stunts, and run obstacle courses through a funhouse in order to win prizes. Well, they decided to do a short-lived spin-off called College Mad House where college students would perform the same activities and Mr. Kinnear was given the job as host. So, if you’re currently making a living by getting college students to throw pies in each other’s faces, just remember… one day, you might be an Academy Award-nominated actor!

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