Tetsuo: The Bullet Man – Like Early David Lynch Let Loose In A Scrapyard

Wow, I had no idea this film series was still being made! It started with Tetsuo: The Iron Man in 1989 and continued with Tetsuo II: The Body Hammer in 1992, but I figured that was the end, since we haven’t seen a new Tetsuo film in almost 20 years now. But I was wrong! Here’s a trailer for Tetsuo: The Bullet Man, which looks to be the most coherent of the Tetsuo films thus far. As the critic’s quotes indicate, this looks to be some crazy stuff very much in the same vein as early David Lynch or David Cronenberg. And with Trent Reznor doing the score, I can safely say that I’ll be seeing this. Even if it sucks, it will be one hell of a trip!

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man is being released in limited theatres January 21, 2011.

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