First Peeks At The New Spider-Man and Captain America Uniforms


(Click the image for a larger view)

Two pics revealing the new costumes of Spider-Man and Captain America were released onto the interwebs last week, and everyone’s abuzz with excitement and (perhaps justifiable) apprehension. So let’s stick these photos under the microscope and give them a proper examination. Spidey up there looks decent enough. The dirtied colours are pretty badass, and the costume seems to have the appropriate amount of webby-ness to it. I’m a bit surprised by the snakeskin texturing, though. It could work in the end, but it’s offputting enough in the picture to make me question whether or not it will look good on screen.

Chris Evans

I’m really digging Cap’s new outfit. It totally suits the pulpy WW2 setting. I can’t wait to see Chris Evans kick all kinds of ass in this uniform. This one gets my immediate seal of approval.

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