This New Trailer for Scream 4 Will Make You….Scream, I guess!

Watch this quick before the Weinsteins pull it again! It seems like every time a new Scream 4 trailer finds its way online, it only lasts a day or two before the Weinsteins try to pull all the copies of it. What’s really funny, though, is that the trailer that gets pulled inevitably turns up on the internet the following week. Talk about lame.

But all my griping about the Weinsteins aside, I’ve gotta say, I’m actually pretty excited for Scream 4. Wes Craven hasn’t done a lot of memorable stuff since the last Scream movie, and it looks like this one rekindles that kind of horror movie nerd spirit that made the original Scream trilogy (or at least the first two movies) so much fun. Kevin Williamson is back as writer (again, a guy who hasn’t done much memorable stuff since Scream 2), Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox have all returned, and they’re even throwing in some quality new talent with the likes of Anna Paquin and Alison Brie. This could very well be the start of an awesome new horror trilogy, and maybe they’ll throw in some quality surprises, too. Of course, this could also easily be a total disaster, but I liked the other Screams so much that I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt. I just hope they do something really drastic and kill Gale Weathers. It’s her time, and we all know it.

Scream 4 comes out April 15, 2011

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