3D Without Glasses Looks…Painful

The question of the day is: if you had the choice between wearing 3D glasses and hooking this thing up to your face, which would you choose? I’m pretty sure this is just straight-up fake, but the theory behind it is actually pretty sound. Since many forms of 3D glasses do use alternating shutters to create the 3D image, having your eyelids blink in an alternating pattern at high speed could well cause a 3D effect too. Thing is, your eyelids would probably get extremely sore after watching a two hour movie. I can imagine hardcore 3D junkies getting really into this and winding up with extremely buff and muscular eyelids. Me? I’d opt for the glasses. Seems like the discomfort caused by this kind of thing would be way greater than any discomfort that would occur as the result of the glasses. But hey, maybe people who wear glasses in day-to-day life would prefer these, since you wouldn’t have to wrangle two pairs of glasses on your face at once. What do you think, guys? Would you use this method instead of 3D glasses?

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