Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses: The Movie is the 2008 NYU thesis film of  Brian McElhaney’s, based on a script he and Nick Kocher wrote, which apparently almost got him thrown out of class. It’s the story of….uh…it’s the story….well, to try and put the story into words would just ruin it, so I will say this: it’s absolutely incredible. Shot in 48 hours on a budget of only $11, this awesome little short really makes me wonder how multi-million dollar movies can be such shit shows. I mean, if under twenty people can make a movie this cool in two days with less than $20 as their budget, think of what they could achieve with a HUGE budget! Somebody give these guys some money.

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses: The Movie was an official selection at both the Slamdance film festival and SXSW. It won’t be coming to a theatre near you, but you can watch it in all its glory right here thanks to Youtube!


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