Before They Were Stars: Jeremy Renner in a Kodak Commercial

Jeremy Renner has just been nominated for his second straight Academy Award for his performance in The Town, but before he made it big, the guy had to pay his dues by appearing in a LOT of commercials. One of his most famous ones was this Kodak ad from the mid-nineties where he winds up taking a photograph with a UFO in the background. However, you can also find Mr. Renner in older commercials for the likes of Duracell, Aquafina, Bud Light, Coors Light and 7-Eleven. Man, if he does win an Oscar, I halfway expect him to start doing some product placement in the middle of his speech.

Edit: I just received an E-mail from the person who posted every single one of those commercials on Youtube. She runs the ultimate Jeremy Renner fan site at You’ll find a lot more “Before There Were Stars” clips of Jeremy there (including footage of him in a college stage play in 1992!), so if you’re a fan, I’d recommend you check it out.

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