This Teaser For James Wan’s Insidious Has Me Underwhelmed

Here’s the first teaser for James Wan’s latest film Insidious, the premise of which is as follows:

A family tries prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose son in a realm called The Further forever.

Sure, I’ll buy that as a premise for a horror film. But Wan’s work has been very hit-and-miss thus far. I really enjoyed the first Saw movie – by far the best of the series – but Dead Silence was complete and utter crap. I have not seen Death Sentence, but I’m told it’s mediocre. So how will Insidious stack up? It’s tough to say from such a short teaser. The promise of a good horror flick is there, and I like both Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, but that tagline at the end just cracks me up. “This is Insidious”? Really? I’d also recommend the producers move the release date. It’s hard to take any movie that comes out on April Fools’ Day seriously.

Insidious comes out April 1, 2011.

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