Diddy blamed for 9/11! Sued for $1 trillion!


Who would believe the rapper Sean Combs, of all people, would be behind the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers? A Ms. Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks, who is also suing him for $1 trillion dollars for “loss of income”, as well as child support for a child she allegedly had with him. Somehow, I get the feeling this woman, who also claims Diddy “stole a poker chip worth “100 zillions of dollars” that she won in a Mississippi casino”, may not have the upper hand. Here’s a quote from Turks herself, via Billboard:

“[Diddy] went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the WTC and then they all came and knocked my children down. Set me up to be on disability and disabled my baby. He put my baby in a wheelchair. […] Plus I won a lot of money at the casino in Mississippi and Sean P. Diddy Combs has my chip to my money. I heard he gave it to Gwen Allen to hold but she can not cash it in. I want my chip please help me. it’s well worth over 100 zillions of dollars, and my hospital keys. They put me and my baby in the hospital and broke my baby 2 legs and sexual assaulted my children and crushed us.”


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