YouTube English to English Translation Fail

Now that YouTube has a Closed Caption feature available for videos uploaded to their site, which uses the audio from the video itself to write subtitles of what it believes is being said, it was inevitable that someone would find a way to show us how bad it can be.

The Back Row favourites Rhett and Link wrote a script, uploaded a video using the script (which they subtitled so you can see & hear what they’re saying), and then re-shot the scene twice more, each using YouTube’s Closed Caption translation for their previous video as their dialogue for the next one.

This is a hilarious portrayal of the failure to translate English to English. After you watch this you’ll understand what they were actually saying when YouTube translated their dialogue to this:

Rhett: “Without anyone calm united by minister to the so called me at all.”

Link: “Well next time you don’t want to be happy for me, woman eases release from a cotton disability to an amazing concert donating your poem!”

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