Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 6

Rip Torn is an actor who not only has the coolest acting name ever, but has also been in the business since the ’50s. With some early appearances on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, he appeared on a number of other television shows and films in the ’60s through the ’70s. In the early ’80s, comedy fans were able to enjoy him in Airplane 2: the Sequel. It wasn’t until the late ’90s, however, that younger audiences would get their first taste of Rip Torn when he played Zed in Men in Black, along with its sequel. He kept the comedy coming for a few years on “The Larry Sanders Show” and kept the films coming (The Insider, Wonder Boys, Freddy Got Fingered, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and the animated Bee Movie). I have some reservations about the upcoming Men in Black III, as I am not sure that Rip Torn will have the same comic zest at the age of 80. But stranger things have happened.

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