Before They Were Stars (3-for-1 Special): Matt Dillon, Adam Baldwin & Joan Cusack in “My Bodyguard”

This past weekend, I watched a 1980 film called My Bodyguard, which turned to be a goldmine for “Before They Were Stars” sightings. The storyline involves a kid named Clifford (played by Chris Makepeace of Mazes & Monsters fame, who did not achieve the success of his co-stars) being tormented by bullies at school (led by 16-year old Matt Dillon), so he pays off a scary outcast named Linderman (18-year old Adam Baldwin in his film debut) to serve as his bodyguard and protect him. 18-year old Joan Cusack also makes one of her earliest acting appearances as one of Clifford’s friends. Does this plotline sound familiar to you at all? Yes, the Owen Wilson comedy, Drillbit Taylor, was a bit of a ripoff of this film, though to be fair, it did acknowledge that fact by giving Adam Baldwin a brief cameo as Linderman during the bodyguard interview scene. Anyway, you can see all three of these future stars in this particular scene.

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