Deleted Henchman Scenes from “Austin Powers”

In this week’s Shouts From the Back Row podcast, we all talked about our dream projects that we would like to see get made into movies. My selection was a screenplay I wrote a few years ago called The Henchman, an action-comedy that looked at the day-to-day lives of those poor souls who work as anonymous expendable henchmen for supervillains bent on world domination. I think one of the main inspirations for my script were these deleted scenes from the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery DVD. In the finished film, they wound up cutting out an hilarious running gag where every time a henchman got killed, they would cut away to his family and friends mourning his death, showing that henchmen were people too. Rob Lowe and former Bond girl Lois Chiles pop up in deleted cameos as the bereaved.

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