Apocalypse Meow

It’s bunnies vs. camels in the first episode of Apocalypse Meow, also known as Cat Shit One, an animated series based on a popular manga that mixes the seriousness of war with the ridiculousness of anthropomorphic animals. The series has yet to get a distributor, so as a sort of promotion for it, the entire pilot episode is free to view online for a limited time! I’m having trouble deciding just how awesome this is, because while it’s got undeniably good animation and a healthy dose of awesome action, the fact that it really doesn’t seem to be all that tongue-in-cheek or humourous makes it difficult to figure out exactly what kind of tone the creators are trying to strike. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a single cat involved, which makes both titles (Apocalypse Meow and Cat Shit One) a bit non-sequitor. Still, this is totally worth watching, if only for the weirdness.

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